Oral Prophylaxis (Scaling)

Oral Prophylaxis (Scaling) Best Dental Implant Center Madurai

Why do you need to do scaling & polishing?

  • To remove stains caused by food (coffee / tea) or tobacco.
  • To remove tartar or calculus – this helps prevent gum diseases which are the main cause of gum recession, loose teeth and subsequently, tooth loss.
  • To allow screening for oral disease like decay and any cavities.
  • To learn about how best to keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy.

What are the procedures which are involved in scaling & polishing?

  • Scaling

Specialized instruments are used to gently remove plaque and calculus deposits without harming your teeth. The ultrasonic scaler uses vibrations to loosen hardened tartar that sticks to the teeth/in between teeth. Water spray is also used to wash away the debris. There may be a high pitch buzzing sound heard from the scaler during the scaling process.

  • Polishing

Polishing is usually carried out after scaling to remove stains and make your teeth feel smooth and shiny. Polishing is done with a soft rubber cup that spins. Prophylaxis paste – a special toothpaste-like material is scooped up into the cup and spun around on the teeth.

  • Prophy Jet polishing uses a pressurized spray of air and water with sodium hydrogen carbonate powder to remove stains, plaque and soft debris from your teeth. It may taste slightly salty.

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