Rotary Endodontics

Rotary Endodontics Best Dental Implant Center Madurai

Rotary Endodontics is a Technology that helps make the Root Canal Experience Both Comfortable and Efficient for Dental Patients.


A Root Canal Treatment or Endodontic Therapy is the Removal of the Infected Pulp from the Inner Root Canals of the Teeth that Contain it.After the Infected Pulp is Removed,the Root Canals are Cleaned,Sealed,and Protected by the Placement of a Dental Crown.

This Procedure has Been Performed by Dental Clinics for Many Years,But More Recently an Advanced Method of Performing Root Canals was Developed and is called Rotary Endodontics.


Rotary Endodontics Involved an Electrically-Powered Instrument which performs the Root Canal Treatment and Replaces the Traditional Stainless-Steel Manual Files.The Tip of the Electric Hand Tool used is Made Out of Nickel-Titanium – a Material That is Five Times more Flexible than Traditional Stainless Steel.Rotary Endodontics Made the Procedure Faster and More Efficient Because of the Flexibility and Unique Movement of the Nickel-Titanium Instrument.The Instrument Can be Inserted Deeply into a Curved Root Canal Without Stretching or Damaging the Passageway.

The Access Preparation is an Essential Element for Successful Endodontics.Preparing the Endodontic Access Cavity is a Critical Step in a Series of Procedures that Potentially Leads to the Three-Dimensional Obturation of the Root Canal System.Access Cavities Should be Cut So the Pulpal Roof,Including All Overlying Dentin,is Removed.The Size of the Access Cavity is Dictated by the Position of the Orifice(s).The Axial Walls are Extended Laterally Such that the Orifice(s) is Just within this Outline Form.The Internal Walls are Flared and Smoothed to Provide Straight Line Access into the Orifice and the Root Canal System.Additionally,Access Preparations are Expanded to Eliminate any Coronal Interference During Subsequent Instrumentation.Access Objectives are Confirmed When all the Orifices can be Visualized Without Moving the Mouth Mirror.Ideally,Endodontic Access Cavities should Parallel the Principle of Restorative Dentistry Where the Axial Walls of a “Finished” Preparation Taper and Provide Draw for a Wax Pattern. Cleaning and shaping potentials are dramatically improved when instruments conveniently pass through the occlusal Opening,Effortlessly Slide Down Smooth Axial Walls and are Easily Inserted into the Orifice.Spacious access Cavities are an Opening for Canal preparation.

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